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Frantoio Grove Olio Nuovo - 2022 Harvest

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I'm excited to announce a limited amount of the Frantoio Grove Olio Nuovo available for sale. This year's harvest came later and we are delighted by the softer, more delicate oil.

Olive oil is a living, breathing product and can express itself in so many different ways, and while we eagerly await the freshest, early harvest oils every year that are bursting with green, pungent and grassy flavors, we enjoy the more elegant, later season oils just as much.

The oil pours a vibrant, chartreuse yellow and gives aromas of tomato leaf and on-the-riper-side-banana. The body is supple and smooth, with a creeping pungency - more akin to a "warming spice" than your typical punchy Olio Nuovo. the oil finishes with a lingering suggestion of steamed artichoke heart, black pepper, and almond. Enjoy!

"This year marks the beginning of the Limited Edition Artist Labels for the Frantoio Grove Olio Nuovo. We'll be working with local artists to create labels as unique as the oil within. This year's label features art from Erin Salazar, who is a talented artist in her own right and also runs Local Color, a non profit with the mission to build equitable opportunities to keep emerging and established artists active, employed, and engaged in San Jose, California by commissioning public art, establishing affordable studios, and providing fiscal sponsorship."