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Frantoio Grove Olive Oil 2022 Harvest

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"This is "a must" for any serious consumer of really well crafted EVOO, and it certainly will appeal to any KATZ oil fans out there...it is a staple of our home kitchen now as well."
-Albert Katz

This year we faced many challenges during harvest. Our crop was too small to harvest, so we had to look elsewhere for fruit. We spent a great deal of time sourcing quality olives and were able to find a few farms that provided fruit that yielded delicious oil. Each farm brought something unique.

The base of this year's oil is a Frantoio from Vernalis. The fruit came in slightly larger and a little riper than our Frantoio, and yielded a pleasant, and very well balanced oil. Although softer than our normal oil, this Frantoio still yielded quite peppery and pungent, as well as the common varietal artichoke and green almond.

We were able to pick up a small amount of Picual, which is a Spanish cultivar that often produces a "round" oil, that has qualities associated with ripe olives, even when picked very green. We get nice tomato leaf and banana aromas and a delicate spice from this oil.

All of the olives we purchased this year was certified organic, although one of the farms didn't receive their final certification from CCOF until after harvest so the oil is organic, but we ordered our labels before we had this confirmed. The final blend consists of a couple of other small lots of Tuscan cultivars we picked up from local farms and is medium bodied, with a well balanced pungency and aroma.


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