KATZ Red Onion Jam with KATZ Sauvignon Blanc Vinegar

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KATZ Farm Honey

At Long Last, The Legendary Honey Returns!

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KATZ Farm Honey Vinegar Marinated Grilled Chicken

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Welcome Back

We're excited to be bring back our cherished vinegar, hand picked spices, and more! The last couple of years have been a journey for us and we couldn't be happier to be back in the carriage house, sipping, blending, and waiting.

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Send the KATZ Gift Box, a selection of three or four premium vinegars or olive oils, crafted with traditional methods for unparalleled flavor. Elegantly packaged with a ribbon bow, it's the perfect way to share a taste of KATZ's culinary excellence.

Our New Lineup

Our slow crafted, Orleans Method vinegars are back! We're out of our oil for the year, but we are proud to be offering oil from our partners Frantoio Grove. We to offer their oil along side ours after this year's harvest!

Although our preserves may have set out to sea, we hope to bring back our honey, spices and more soon. In the mean time, we will be offering a curated selection of goods from local producers who are in touch with the land (and aren't afraid of getting their hands dirty!)

Our Friends and Partners: Frantoio Grove

We decided to head for calmer waters, but wanted to still be able to offer our vinegars, oils, and other goods. In Frantoio Grove, we found a father and son working together who shared much of our values - among others, a commitment to quality, and a desire to implement and expand sustainable, regenerative practices on farm. We are partnering up with them to handle packaging and fulfillment of our goods.