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Frantoio Grove

Frantoio Grove is a family farm in San Martin run by father and son, Jeff and Patrick Martin. They are 5th and 6th generation Californians, and their family has been in agriculture in California since the 1850s.

Jeff, 5th generation Californian farmer, got the idea to create a permanent open space with a long term agricultural use. After considering the options he explored the possibility of doing grapes. The land is fertile and rich, with plenty of sun, no shortage of water, and long, moderately hot summers - he was assured that a vineyard would be a success. So in 2005 he planted olives.

He set out to grow the finest olives and produce delicious, fresh, and minimally processed oil for people in the Bay Area to enjoy. After a few years of tending the field, taming the weeds, and scaring off rabbits the trees began to yield some fruit and Frantoio Grove was born.

Patrick, the 6th generation, grew up with a lifelong passion for food. He has been helping out with the farm since the grove was planted (when he was in high school.) Although he was often on the farm helping out with pruning, cultivation, and milling, he set out on a different path and delved into the world of coffee. After 15 years roasting and managing cafes, he returned to the farm full time to bring Frantoio Grove into the next generation. He brings with him his experience in coffee and established Proxy Coffee at the mill.

He comes to the farm with hopes of pushing agricultural sustainability by adopting regenerative agriculture techniques both traditional and innovative.