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KATZ Meyer Lemon & Saffron Risotto

Pot of cooked risotto, with lemon wedges and a bottle of Katz Chef's Pick EVOO off to the side
A simple way to highlight a dish that is all about the quality and seasonality of the ingredients. This dish was inspired by all the Meyer lemons gracing our trees in winter and a David Tanis recipe from his cookbook One Good Dish. Folding in some blanched asparagus, or topping with some wilted greens would make a nice seasonal addition… Enjoy!

KATZ Farm Green Tahini Sauce with Seared Spiced Ahi

Seared ahi tuna, crusted with seeds and dried spices, on a bed of lentils and roasted vegetables and drizzled with a green tahini sauce
Inspired by a “family style” dinner served on a special platter (maybe an 11” Carter And Co piece!). The Tahini (sesame paste) is the base of the sauce, but the herbs can be adjusted for the season and to your taste. Using spices and seeds on the tuna adds a nice texture; serve on a bed of lentils or farro with some roasted seasonal vegetables, all served with the lovely verdant sauce. Enjoy!