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3 Liter Pouch of Frantoio Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 2023 Harvest

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Our Flagship Oil - Estate Grown Frantoio

This year marked the beginning of our journey into regenerative agriculture. We were excited to taste the fruits of our labor, and we were delighted with the results!

Our goal is to build resilient ecosystems on farm and produce robust, high polyphenol oil that is wildly expressive but also low on the bitterness and astringency that comes from stressed trees and this year early in our harvest we realized we had exceeded even our own expectations.

This pouch is purged with nitrogen and packaged in an oxygen free container to preserve freshness. Buy in bulk and save!

Harvest Notes:

This year's harvest started in late October, in a more generously irrigated block with nearly all green fruit. This block yielded astounding results that Packed a Pungent Polyphenol Punch - very spicy on the finish - and yet very little bitterness or astringency, which was very much our goal for this block.  The early days of our harvest yielded oil with flavors of green apple and almond, 5and outstanding and intense aromatic quality. Get a bottle of our Day Lot from this block here.

As we moved through the orchard to blocks with riper fruit and more restricted irrigation, we tasted oils with softer, more rounded fruit qualities but just a touch more of the classic bitter profile common to Tuscan cultivars. We were delighted with flavors of persimmon, banana, and an almost violet floral aroma.

Our final blend this year brings a delightful balance of the punchy oils from the early harvest and the softer oils from later harvest that brought out just a touch of bitterness that results in a very elegant structure to the oil.

101 Oz (3 L)