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KATZ Black Button Sage Honey

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Our First Gathering of this California Honey in 2 Years!

About Our Black Button Sage Honey:

This wild species blooms from February through June along the hilltops of the California Coastal Ranges. This gathering is from Monterey County. Little buttons of flowers on the tall stems give the plant its common name. Yet this bloom does not occur annually, so the bees produce this honey every few years. There must be the right mix of weather…good spring rains followed by a cool, dry spell in order for the wild salvia to flower and provide nectar for the waiting honeybees. Last year was the first time we have been able to find enough of this single floral honey since 2021! The California drought and climate change continue to make future gatherings challenging at best, but for now we are thrilled to offer KATZ Black Button Sage Honey.

Three Jar Limit Per Customer, Please!

Here are some of our tasting notes:

This gathering is typical of the lovely light amber, hay-like color associated with this floral source; and it has pleasant high notes of herbs and flowers with a rich texture. This very approachable honey has a myriad of culinary uses…but to truly savor its virtues, pull out a spoon and indulge…you will be amazed at the depth of flavor.
COOL FACT…Black Button Sage is a miracle of nature, as the nectar of this flower does not granulate like nearly every other floral source, even in the coldest of winters.
Very Limited!


With a distinctive fruit flavor, this honey will make a perfect spread for warm toast and muffins, or a good addition to marinades and dressings.

About Our Honey

Bees produce honey from the nectar of blooming plants, and the nectar produced by one flower will be different than that of another flower. Our mission is to seek out distinctive California flora which produce honeys that have the qualities in aroma, taste, texture, and color reflective of their particular species of flower.

As many of you know, it has become increasingly difficult for the fantastically hard-working honeybees to gather the nectar necessary to produce honey due to dwindling floral sources caused by the drought in California, the ongoing impact of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), and the increasingly harmful effects of habitat loss. We work closely with our beekeeper friends to bring you the highest quality and best tasting, sustainably sourced honey that is currently available.

All of our honeys are gathered directly from the hive and bottled unpasteurized. This allows the honey to maintain a multitude of health benefits which are often lost in traditional, commercial honey production processes.

Please note: Crystallization is natural for raw, unprocessed honey like ours. Don't worry, though, honey is good forever because of its antibiotic properties which keep it from spoiling! Crystallized honey can be enjoyed in its own right but, if you prefer a more liquid honey, you can soften your crystalized honey by placing the opened jar in hot water bath (make sure not to put the honey over direct heat or you risk changing the flavor and losing all those health benefits!) and stirring the honey inside until it liquefies.